Indiana Standard Residential Lease Agreement

Lease to Own Agreement – This document, also known as a “lease agreement”, allows tenants to purchase the property they are buying at any time during the term of the contract. Lease to Own Agreement – Resolved two (2) purposes: 1) rents a house or condo to qualified tenants and 2) sets an agreed purchase price for the property, on which tenants can decide as an option. FLOOD ZONE NOTICE. This property is located in a flood zone, as specified by the local authorities. The tenant agrees to accept the risk of renting by signing this lease. There are local regulations that may require you to include certain conditions in your rental agreement or to regulate how you treat your tenant. Make sure you are familiar with these regulations before establishing a lease-tenant relationship. Indiana Rental Lease Agreements are contracts that are used to formalize an agreement in which a lessor leases a residential property to one (1) or more persons. Agreements cover a wide range of topics that ensure that both parties are aware of what they can and cannot do for the duration of the lease. In Indiana, leases are subject to the state`s landlord-tenant laws (§§ 32-31).

A tenant has a duty to keep the rental unit hygienic, not to damage or modify the premises, to throw garbage and not to disturb the silent joy of other tenants of their own rental units. Tenants must, upon notification, give landlords appropriate access to the unit to make repairs. A tenant who is a victim or prosecuted of domestic violence or sexual assault may leave the rented unit before the lease expires, as long as a protection order has been obtained and after a period of 30 days. A landlord must also change the locks at the doors if the tenant requires it under these conditions. Manager/Agent Contact Information (§ 32-31-3-18) – When entering into a rental/lease agreement, the landlord or his/her legal representative must provide written information containing the names and addresses of all managers, owners or authorized representatives who work on their behalf. The Indiana Standard Lease Agreement Template is a contract intended to provide the documentation necessary to consolidate the lease agreement between a tenant. It is a reusable contract intended to fully address the standard concerns, conditions and conditions that often need to be covered when one finds oneself in such a situation. This means that there will be several negotiable elements for which it will be necessary to enter information that can be considered unique for the parties, ownership and agreement. Such documentation of an agreement promotes a good landlord-tenant relationship….